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try1 - short CV
Short bio of the group

We are a group of people with a variety of backgrounds and relationships that span over 25 years since some of us first met inSalonica while studying.
Some of us with initial studies in biological and others in applied sciences, we managed to keep our artistic creativity and vision about art over and above our professional obligations.
We value and practice the collaborative creativity where ideas and inspirations are filtered through personal set of skills and experiences so as the final creation to make up a communal property.
We enjoy the journey as much (probably more) as the destination. We use web platforms as the main way to communicate as we live quite far apart from each other.
We work in an anti authoritarian way and we try to reach consensus and common understandings!
We see the creative process as an opportunity to develop ourselves at a personal level and deeply political at a wider context, we prefer to pose questions than give answers.
We are acutely aware of the world we live in and we strive to be part of the wider anti consumerism, social justice, anti racist and equality movement.
“Stentorise it” is our first public work where our individual skills of spatial awareness, music composition, pottery, graphic and light design are mixed with surgical skills, lots of curiosity and experimentation, are grounded with journalistic historical awareness and we are inspired by an attempt of a 18th century scientist to photographically communicate a before unseen world (before the invention of photography!).

List of people involved and credits

Dr Spyridon Symniakou
coordinator of group “TRY 1”, Clay Strentor creator, student of ceramics at Crown Works studio
GP Partner, PgDip Public Health, Dip Child Health, MRCGP
London UK

Dr Argyrios Makris
Sound engineering, musician and sound creator of the “STENTORISE IT” track Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, PgDip Advanced laparoscopic surgery, MRCOG
Halifax UK

Stefanos Tsogias
Lighting design, CG support
Thessaloniki Greece

Nasim Alatrash
research, study and editing of audio documents of the “STENTORISE IT” track
producer and film director, translator, journalist
Athens Greece

Kika Pardaki
graphic design, 3d painting, scientific research for stendors
agriculturist, expert entomologist, farmer, graphic designer, 3d-photo expert
mountainous Arcadia Greece

Christina Papadopoulou
3d model design
Architect / Museum Expert
Ioannina, Greece

Vassilis Komninos
Design of the structure of the installation
Architect engineer specialized in high tech steel
Athens Greece

Christina Kanellopoulou
encouraging, ornament design, PR, social media
Architect designer
Doha Qatar
Heleni Mpoulougari
painting & social media

Cristina Diamantopoulou
painting & social media

Eirini Sassani
typography artist

Aris Paraskevopoulos
media director

Eleni Kakalou
project manager

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